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I was able to have a business that kept a full staff working for a long time with regular pay raises and benefits because of taking advantage of tax incentives local jurisdictions offered to businesses moving into the area. The bottom line is that I could either spend the money on taxes or the people who worked for me. This same kind of benefit now exists for those looking for a retirement home in Panama. I went to to see properties that were listed from coast to coast in Panama, and I found out that you can get a 16 year tax exemption on homes we buy.

How much could you have saved on your existing home if the local taxing authority gave you an exemption form having to pay tax on the property for 16 years? Probably enough to have been able to afford a bigger and better house! Every budget for getting a new home includes the buyers planning on how they will pay for the taxes, upkeep, insurance and other things that come with home ownership.

I knew before I bought the phone that the company that makes it pretty much rules with an iron fist when it comes to freedom to really customize the device you bought. They make more than phones. They also make the tablets and the advanced Mp3 players with all the browsing features and even a camera now. The later version of their operating system across the board on their products is iOS8. I wanted to downgrade iOS 8 back to version 7 or earlier so I could easily take more control of the products. I owned the phone and the tablet.

I used to think that a system upgrade helped my device to run better as well as helped to protect me from hackers, phishers and others who exploit security holes in an OS. However, system upgrades also lock down the devices even tighter from the capability of the device owners from being free to do what they want. I only wanted to do things such as uninstall unneeded apps that came with my phone that were taking up space.

I could not afford to buy a new device that had more storage, and if you own one of these products, you know there is no slot for an expansion card to have more storage. The only recourse is to either get rid of files, apps, pictures or videos you want to keep or get rid of apps you cannot delete. But how do you delete apps that the OS will not let you delete? You root or jailbreak the device. Then you can do what you want.

Would I recommend this for the average user? Not at all. However, there are plenty of advanced users out there who understand the concept, and there are those who are willing to read and learn about it. I know what jailbreaking can do, and I like the freedom it gives me to control a device I paid for.

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