Monthly Archives: January 2015

My brother is very intelligent. He comes up with the most ingenious ideas. He graduated from Harvard at the top of his class. He majored in quantum physics in school. Sometimes, I think he is too smart for his own good. He has great intentions, but his plans sometimes backfire on him and cause problems. Recently, he invented a laser cannon. We were so proud of him. He took it to my house. He accidently activated the laser cannon and it burned a hole in my roof. I need commercial roof replacement in Middlesex County NJ to help. My roof is severely damaged. I need professional help to fix it.

My brother has always been smart. He was a child prodigy when he was younger. He taught himself to play the piano at the age of five. He was very interested in math and science. One time, my parents got him a science kit for Christmas. He enjoyed it so much. That sparked his interest in science. Much to my parents’ dismay, that also started his crazy experiments. One time, he tried to build a miniature rocket in the living room. The rug on the floor caught on fire. My parents were very livid. The next Christmas, my parents purchased a microscope. They felt it would keep him out of trouble.

In school, my brother was the big man on campus. He won all the science fairs. The teachers loved him. They always had positive things to say about him. He set the school record for having the highest SAT score in our district history. He was the class president and class valedictorian. He won many scholarships to many prestigious schools. They were practically throwing money at him.

Luckily, my insurance can pay for the repairs to my roof. My brother and I do not always seem to see eye to eye, but I am very proud of him.

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