Monthly Archives: February 2015

Money has always been an issue for me, so it was a relief when I was finally given an impressive raise at my job. I knew that I could finally afford some of the luxuries that I had been going without. One of the things I wanted to look into first was DirecTV. Even though I don’t watch a lot of television myself, I knew that my three kids would be tickled to finally have something other than streaming shows on their computers. I went online to make sure it was a wise choice, and that is how I was able to read all of the details about their promotions.

Since I am a new customer, I am eligible for a lot of things, which is really nice. The first promotion is that I am able to lock my price in for a couple of years. It seems everything goes up in price all the time, and this would ensure that my satellite TV bill would not follow that trend. I was also able to get state of the art equipment which the kids absolutely love. They are able to record all of their favorite shows, and then they can watch them on any of the TVs that we have in the house.

The programming is pretty awesome too. There are so many channels, and I even found a few that I really like myself. In addition to the channels that we get on our package, we are able to have the NFL Sunday Ticket for a full year, and we even get all of the premium movie channels for three months too. There is so many great programming choices on these channels that I think I might end up keeping them even after the promotional period is up. We all deserve to have this little bit of luxury in our lives!

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