Monthly Archives: December 2015

I have no real clue what I am going to do, because the geese that hang out in my yard are really determined to stay there. I am pretty sure that some person has been feeding them, but either way I have not been able to frighten them off for very long. I have been talking to a guy who does bird control in NJ. I was hoping he would give up the secret to this, and that I would be able to do it on my own. However he was not going to be so accommodating as to help me out that much. At least he was only willing to help me get rid of the geese if I paid him to do it. It is a business for him, so I can understand the sentiment quite clearly. It is not as though I am going to keep him from making a living, but I was hoping to figure it out for myself. Of course the ways that I know would work are quite clearly illegal. If I took out a shotgun and blasted a few of them, it seems pretty obvious that they would fly away and not come back. No one had this problem when geese were hunted all of the time. I know my grandfather would have had no problem getting geese off of his lawn, although he would have thought it a good thing. He would have killed as many as there were, so long as he had time to pump more shells into his Browning shotgun. I got a couple hundred neighbors who would all have a spasm if someone fired a shotgun, even if it was loaded with salt or something like that. I have set off some firecrackers, but that only scared them for a little while.

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