A Significant Change Needs to Be Had

I did a search recently for Fiber Optic Internet providers and you know what I found in my area? Nothing. Not a single provider here has laid down Fiber Optic lines. It makes me, as a consumer and an American taxpayer, wonder what happened to the promise that the ISPs made to us when they were given their $300 billion dollars from the Federal Government: that they would lay the lines, create the infrastructure that would provide the American people with a modern network for access to the Internet. It didn’t happen so where is the money? This is why we forced the FCC to make their ruling last Thursday: it’s time for a significant change.

In forcing them stumble and fail, we have just energized them. To some degree, we have debilitated our stance by providing for them a solitary target, a solitary bill, in which we’re going to need to battle. It will be a genuine battle and one that will be tied up in administrative courts for a considerable length of time to come. I have confidence that we’re going to beat them as the interest for advancement is evident. The current product of ISPs are dinosaurs from a more seasoned time whose plans of action mirror an antiquated state of mind and a poor method for working with their clients.

We’re going to make it, America. We’re going to demonstrate that the force of Big Business campaigning doesn’t hold the greater part of the force. We’re the American customers and our will be carried out. Absurdly, they have shut their ears to us while they convey us terrible Internet access. While now all ISPs are equivalent, those real suppliers who have the most political clout are doing whatever remains of them an injury by the simple actuality that they exist. Their time is past and they must clear a path for another type of ISP.

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