Expanding into International Markets Got My Product Noticed

I started out making a small plastic product in my garage. I bought an injection machine that fit on my workbench and would make a couple hundred of them after I got home from work each day. I was selling my product like crazy on the auction sites online. Then I had a professional website developed. I got contacted by a company in Brazil that wanted me to ship them a few thousand units wholesale, but I did not know anything about doing business in Brazil. I did not even know if my product was legal to ship there. I mean, it is not dangerous or anything, but you just do not know.

I had to get a fast education from an expert who helped me learn about doing business in Brazil. I learned that there was no regulations or laws controlling my product anywhere in the country. I also learned that there was no controls on exporting my product out of the country to Brazil. This is the stuff of lawyers and not guys like me who get an idea and have a mold made to make a product in a garage.

After selling many thousands of units in Brazil, I had by then rented a small place to put in a bigger injection-molded plastics machine that I leased. I was producing enough product to quit my day job, but I kept it for the health insurance. There were some long days and weekends for awhile. Then I got an offer to buy my product design idea from another US company. The offer really was too good to refuse. Being able to sell it for enough to retire now with a residual income for per unit sales was too good to pass up. And to think, I was not even going to bother going into the Brazilian market when I was first approached.

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