Taking Control of Mimickers out There Trying to Steal Your Customers

In my hometown growing up you could have a business that paid your bills and keep the business running for many years without worry of competition moving in. The global marketplace of the Internet does not offer the same luxury. Competition can pop up overnight. You can even get competition that steals your market share by pretending to be your product. There is a lot of that coming out of China. This is why branding is so important. And protecting your brand is actually even more important. We looked at using Gromode to help us with traffic and lead generation to our official website to help take control of fake sellers out there trying to pass themselves off as us.

Our brand was explicit in telling customers to only order our supplements from our official website. Knock-off products are popular from purses to nutritional supplements. We had the real thing at our website, and we needed to take control of how our product was being represented by the major search engines. We were losing business before to the knock-off makers that were playing on permutations and misspelling of our brand name. Having a strong company help us generate leads and traffic brought back our market share we were losing to our official website.

Doing business online can be brutal. Some companies have found that using some overseas manufacturers are what lead to their product designs and specs being stolen to produce knock-off products. We had to even develop a very tough and expensive to duplicate label and unique bottle shape. There are all kinds of tricks we were using to thwart our mimickers. Taking control of getting search engine web traffic to our site to generate leads was very helpful in getting the fake producers out there to give up on trying to cheat our customers. The powerful presence of our official website was a real help, and it got powerful due to strong lead generation and traffic flow.

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